1. Who is it for?

The 4th Congress on Health Science (4 CCS) is a completely online congress. It is intended for health and non-health professionals related to the health world. The congress is held on July 1, 2 and 3, 2021 (until 11pm n July 3).

Any profesional category that is related to health can participate. This is stated in the application for the declaration of health scientific interest and accreditation, with an exert sientific committee for each field of knowledge. Next, all the profesional categories and thematic áreas that are contemplated in the congress will be detailed.


Professional categories

- Nursing (all specialties)

– Food Science and Technology

- Medicine (all specialties)

– Odontology

- Psycology

– Chemistry

– Physiotherapy

– Vet

– Sanitary Specialist Technicians

– Human Nutrition and Dietetics

– Auxiliary Sanitary Technicians

– Speech therapy

– Occupational therapy

– Optics-optometry

– Biology

– Chiropody

– Biochemistry

– Watchman

– Pharmacy

– Other

– Physical



Thematic areas

– Physical Activiry and Exercise

– Nutrition and Food

– Burnout

– Obstetrics and Gynecology

– Falls

– Odontology

– Quality of life

– Ophthalmology

– Cardiology

– Oncology

– General and Digestive Surgery

– Osteopathy

– Communication and language

– Pathology in old age

– Caregivers and cares

– Pediatrics

– Palliative care

– Chiropody

– Dermatology

– Prevalence

– Diagnosis and Clinical Assessment of Disease

– Clinial psychology

– Nursing and Specialties

– Psychiatry

– Active Aging

– Clinical Radiology

– Epidemiology

– Rehabilitation

– Cognitive stimulation

– Health

– Etiology and Risk Factors for Pathologies

– Occupational Health

– Pharmacology

– Public Health

– Physiotherapy

– Toxicology

– Geriatrics

– Traumatology

– Forensic Medicine

– Urgencies and emergencies

– Microbiology

– Others

– Neurology



The Online Congress is structured the same as a face-to-face conference. It consist of a scientific and organizing committee, a program of accredited presentations, a stanf for poster and oral communcations, and a discussion table (fórum) on different current scientific health topics; all this under a rigorous scientific queality criteria.


2. Participation

Registrarion for the 4th Congress Health Science is unique. Any person registered in the congress can:

  • Sen up to 6 scientific papers as main autor and a symposium presentation.
  • View all papers accepted at the congress when it begins on July 1.
  • Attend virtually on this same web page all presentations during the days of the congress.
  • Each of the papers sent to the congress will be published in a scientific electronic book that the autor will choose. There is the possilibity of publishing up to 6 communications in 6 diferent books (one for each scientific communication sent). Each book has its different ISBN.
  • Get a certificate:
    • For each work presented and accepted at the congress. It will be specified whether it is a poster type written communication (video).
    • For attendance and participation in the congress (for being registered and being a delegate).
    • For the visualization of the papers during the congress, from July 1 to July 3. In orden to obtain this certificate, it is necessary to have viewed ALL the confeences that appear in the Congress program and fill in the subsequent satisfaction survey. The lectures can be viewed at any time on the days of the Congress: July 1, 2 and 3, 2021 on the Congress website itself, in a space that will be enabled for them. In order to view the conference, the registration must be completed before the start of the congress.
    • After the congress, several e-books will be published summary of the congress with all the Works presented by the attenders, registering  with and ISBN (Different for each book). The authors of each work will receive a Certificate which will include the title of the work, the names of the authors in order of appearance and the ISBN of publication.
  • The best 50 papers will be published in the Spanish Journal on Helath Science (September 2021 Edition). The autor would be notified by email that their work has been chosen and directions for publication.

The registratio Price is unique (July 3: 75€)

The certificates can be downloaded from the congress website itself 7-10 days after the congress itself. Each autor in his sesión will be able to Access a main menú where he will have Access to:

  • Certificates of authorship of scientific communications (you can download their certificates of autor, co-author).
  • The authors of each work will receive a Certificate which will include the title of the work, the names of the authors in order of appearance and the ISBN of the publication.
  • Certificate of participation in the 4th Online Congress on Heakth Science.
  • Certificate of visualization of the presentations during the days of the congress.

The same work cannot be presented as a curricular merit in two different ways, as a scientific communication and as a chapter, even if they are two different publications. You musy choose between one or the other in order to request recognition of curricular merit.

It is not necessary to view a mínimum number of posters or vide-type oral communications or carry out any other activity during the congress to obtain the certificate of attendance or the certificate for each of the papers presented.

There will be the possibility of requesting the postal delivery of all certificates once this section is enabled at the end of the Congress. The shipment would be made by certified mail, signed by hand, seal of the scientific society and on hard paper of yellow ocher color. The Price for registered shipping will be paid by the applicant and will be detailed at the end of the congress according to the update rates of the parcel service selected for the shipment.

The refund of the registration caries a penalti of 50% until May 1, 2021. As of May 1, 2021, no refund of the amount entered will be made under any supervening conditions.

In order for a scientific communication to be published in the congress and to obtain its certificate, ALL AUTHORS will have to be registered in the Congress before if begins itself. And have previusly generated your posters or video from the My Communications section on the platform.


3. Job requirements

  • Each delegatecan send a maximun of 6 papers as the first aythor. There is no limit to appearing as a secong or later autor. You can participate without sending any work to the congress.
  • Each work can have a máximum of 6 authors (including the main autor).
  • The máximum number of words for each work is 500 (title 250 characters, introduction-objetives 320 characters, methodology 680 characters, results 1300 characters, discussion-conclussion 700 characters and bibliography 700 characters). You can consult the structure of each type of work to be accepted in point 4.
  • During the submussion preocess, the main autor will select if they want their work to be valued as a poster or as an oral communication (video). You will also select in which conference book you want each of the papers to appear (each book has a different ISBN has a different ISBN and a certificate of this will be sent).
  • For poster-type Works, once they have been ACCEPTED BY THE COMMITTEE AND ALL REGISTERED AUTHORS, the poster must be generated fro the My Communications SectionThe poster is generated by the main autor, selecting a template and having the possibility if the wishes to attach ONE photo, graphic or table. There is no possibility of uploading your own poster even by following the congress form. Virtual posters have no defense of any kind.
  • For oral communication type Works, once the have been ACCEPTED BY THE COMMITTEE AND ALL REGISTERED AUTHORS, the video file can be uploaded to the platform from the My Communications section.

Communications will be sent one at a time, being able to choose in each case if you want it to be valued as oral communication or poster type. The deadline for sending communications wll be open until June 24, 2021. For each communication sent or change in the status of your scientific communications, a notification message will be sent to the main autor, seeing each change of status in the “My Communications” section.

The scientific committee may reject any scientific communication that does not meet the appropriate queality criteria to be pusblished in the Congress. It will be notified by email and also in the “My Communications” section within the sesión of each autor. It will be notified in two simultaneous ways: by email (according to each author’s registration) and in the “My Communications” section within each author’s sesión. In no case any communication will be rejected without notifying to the main autor the reason for the rejection.

Once a scientific communication has been accepted, NO changes can be made to it. In order to make any changes to an accepted communication, it should be elimintaed first, and then sent again, having to be evaluated again by the scientific committee and may be rejected. The rejected Communications and those modified after their acceptance, must be sent again, with their respective changes, within the sending period to be reassessed by the Scientific Committee.

Once the deadline for sending scientific communications has expired, no scientific communications will be accepted for review. Those communications that were pending to be evaluated on the day of the end of the delivery period, will be corrected within 48 hours after the end of said period.

4. Types of Works accepted in Congress

They may be presented and with the following structure:

  • Research studies completed with results (clinical trials, case series, comparative studies, descriptive studies…) Structure: Title, Introduction-Objetive, Methodology, Results, Discussion-Conclusion.
  • Research studies withput results or Research projects. Structure: Title, Introduction-Objetive, Methodology, Discussion-Conclusion.
  • End-of-degree and end-of-Master Project. Structure: the summary of the same is accepted without having to make changes in the format.
  • Bibliographic, systematic or literary reviews on any topic.
  • Clinical cases, clinical notes, or clinical images of interest. Structure: Title, Introduction, Case-Clinical, Discussio-Conclussion.

The Works are sent from the main autor menú once registered and logged in, by clicking on the “New Communication” button. The Works are sent from the main autor manu once registered and logged in, by clicking on the “New Communication” button. If it is necessary that all authors are registered in the congress so that the poster can be generated/upload a certificate of said scientific communication.

The máximum number of words for each job is, approximately, 500 (the platform automatically limits the number). (Title 250 characters, introduction-objetives 320 characters, methodology 680 characters, results 1300 characters, discussion-conclusion 700 characters, clinical case (if you select this type of study) 830 chacracters and bibliography 700 characters).

Th estructure varies according to the type of work selected, and the platform will display the sections to be completed with text boxes. It can be copied and pasted from an external document to facilitate the job submussion process.

An abstract may not include bibliographic references. Although there is the possibility them in a section (any regulation for bibliographic references can be followed).

No photo, tableo or figure can be attached. This can be done later when generating the poster.

The work that is sent is the one that the committee will review and the one that will later be published in the conference poster. Also the one that will be pubñished as a book chapter.

It must be fulfilled:

  • Each co-author of a communication must have made substantial contributions to the design, data collection, analysis or interpretation, or have written the text, prepared the presentation or have revised it, to accept responsibility for its presentations.
  • In order for your communication to be displayed and considered presented at the congress, the first signer and all his co-authors must be registered al the congress at the time of the celebration. Otherwise, the scientific communication would not be published nor would there be a subsequent certificate of authorship.
  • Only original Works that have not been published in scientific jurnals or presented in previous congresses will be accepted.

The authorship of the work belongs to all its authors, however, when registering for the Congress, the right to organize it for dissemination through all audiovisual media on the occasion of the Congress is given.

The main autor may publicize and publish his work, mentioning that it has been presented and the accepted at the 4th Congress on Health Science. Notification to the Congress Secretariat will not be necessary.

5. Evaluation criteria

The scientific committee at the time of reviewing scientific communications will assess the following aspects of each section in order to accept a scientific communication according to the type of communication:

  • Title: Identifies and accurately reflects the topic of the study; It is specific and concise (máximum information in mínimum number of words; It does not use abbreviations, acronyms or superfluous expressions.
  • Introduction-Objetives: Contextualize the Project topic/background/theoretical importance; The objetives go with the verb in the infinitive; The objectives are measurable/achievable.
  • Methodology: Describes globally how the study was carried out; Describe the study design; Describe the simple and data analysis (if they exist at work); In the case of a bibliographic review, indicate the keywords used and the databases consulted.
  • Clinical Case: Summarizes the most relevant data of the clinical case; It has an evolution of the logical clinical case, providing treatment, management as well as its evolution.
  • Results: The results are consistent with the objectives; They are correcytly presented.
  • Discussion-Conclusion: The conclusión is consistet with the objectives; The discussion compares the results with other studies; Make practical involvement or future lines.

6. Oral Communications video features

The video will be sent once it is notified that the scientific communication has been accepted and all the authors of the work registered in the congress.

The main autor (first autor) must necessarili send their work through this web page so that it can be exposed on the days of the congress.

Technical characteristics of the videos:

  • The content of the video wii be base don the summary of the scientific communication sent for review by the committee.
  • The video may contain a slideshow with the voice of the main autor in the background or the figure of the autor speaking in front of a camera about the scientific communication to be presented.
  • The duration of the video will never be more tan 7 minutes or less that 1 minute.
  • In case the main autor appears in the video he must wear a dress according to the scientific event.
  • Video file (the format does not matter).

7. Congress Accreditation

The 4th Congress on Health Science has the declaration of Health Scientific Interest and the Accredited training with Continuing Training Credits (CFC).

All the presentations of the Congress are sent to be accredited by the Commission for Continuing Education of the Health Professions of the Region of Murcia.

From the beginning of the planning of this Congress, a meticulous and rigorous quality has been followed in terms of its scientific structure, election of speakers, scientific committee and design of certificates.

8. Organization and Scientific Queality

The 4th Congress on Health Science is organized by MAJFM S.L. The Spanish Scientific Society for Health Training (SOCIFOSA) provides collaboration, support and scientific quality, although its only participation is to ensure the scientific queality of the congress, promote the development of health in ll its aspects. This same function is carried out by all the collaboratiors who support this congress and who contribute to its organization and development (all the congress collaborators can be consulted in the “collaboratos” section).

The technical secretariat of the congress is located at the following address C/Corazón de Jesús. Nº7. 1º Javalí Nuevo. Murcia. CP: 30832.

Telephone: 649689342

– Calls from 10:00 to 14:00 – from 17:00 to 20:00 on bussiness days.

– Only Whatsapp: Anytime.

If you do not receive an answer to your call, leave a WhatsApp and we sill call you as son as posible.

E-mail: congreso@cienciasanitaria.es

Any questions or requests will be answered within 24-48 business hours.

9. Communication with the delegate

The form of contact with the delegate will be through the email indicated in the registration form. To avoid problems with communication it is recommended to add to contacts the email address of the technical secretary of the Congress congreso@cienciasanitaria.es. This will ensure the receptio of the messages sent from the Congress secretariat (preventing them from being automatically detected as SPAM).

To formulate any request, comment or suggestion about the Congress, you must fill out a simpe contact form through the web, where the name, email, subject and comment will be specified. The answers will be sent from the congress secretariat itself. Any questions or requests will be answered within 24-48 business hours.

10. Penalty for non.compliance or falsehood

Regarding the contribution of personal data made by both the asistant and/or participant: If the Organizing Committee of the 4th Congress on Health Science had reliable knowledge of the falsity of the data provided in the registration process by the attendee and/ or participant, it will proceed to the elimination of this and the expulsión from the Congress. This measure may be adopted before, during and after the congress is held. Regardless, it could lead to legal actions provided for in Spanish legislation.